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Freaky Tiki Pontoon is the perfect choice
to bring unforgettable fun and lasting memories to
any celebration or special event.
If you’re looking to hire the very best in the biz,
you’ve come to the right place.
Freaky Tiki Pontoon is here to entertain you
and your guests!

Offering Private & Public Rides

If you've made it here then you've already made better decisions than I've ever made in my life. YOU ARE A STAR. The Freaky Tiki offers flexible options for pick up and drop off destinations for party sizes up to 15 people. We are your go-to for party facilitators. When you get on the Freaky Tiki Pontoon, all of your inhibitions and ambitions need to be left at the dock,
Doc Holiday's that is. 

Freaky Tiki Pontoon - Public Bookings

Public Bookings

1.5 Hour Public Rides
(up to 15 people on board)


Freaky Tiki Pontoon - Private Bookings

Private Bookings

1.5 Hour Private Rides
(up to 15 people per group)


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